More About Thee 6!


Angela Anderson


Sometimes referred to as Dr. Ang. Angela is currently an Educational Administrator but has spent many years as a Special Educator and Counselor. Her passion lies in advocating in the field of education for those without a voice, whether it be students, parents, or teachers, and building up young people at the trench level. She firmly believes that everyone must do their part for children and young adults to acquire the tools to navigate and be successful. Beyond all that, Angela is the glue that makes us STICK. She represents as THEE ADMIN!



Courtney Richardson


Courtney is a graphic designer and artist currently PhD'n in Information Sciences. By having interests in multiple fields along with being an intro- and extrovert, it would be a mistake to box her in! A Detroit-native with roots in Arkansas, she loves family, friends, Black history, and learning dance hustles (Detroit-style of course). Her role in Thee 6 Chix is THEE ARTIST!



Ifeyani Yearby-McLeod


IFE as most of her close friends call her, is a proud millennial, mother of 2 beautiful daughters, business owner, producer, strategist and creative. She is a proud Alumnus of both Cass Technical High School in Detroit, MI and THEE Jackson State University in Jackson, MS. Her role in Thee 6 Chix is THEE AGENT! So stay tuned to see how she uses her power and platform for change, and make sure you get ready for the conversation!



Lisa Richardson


Lisa is a wife and mother of 2 children. Not only is she a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, she is a business owner and certified holistic health coach passionate about health and wholeness. Her goal is to raise awareness to not only the black community about living a healthy life through nutrition, she also wants to help parents to lead their children down a path of making quality decisions to ensure they live a life of health and wholeness.


Tiffany Smith


Tiffany is a mother of one amazing young woman, and her friends and family affectionately call her the GAMCHGR. She always takes the uncharted path in her career and business. She’s a Senior Executive at a National Nonprofit and a successful business owner of Tiffany, Inc - parent company & lifestyle brand and founder of The Game Changers League. Her passion to help women to fulfill purpose, create generational wealth and eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship is evident in all she does. She’s a game changer by nature and a feminist at heart. If it doesn't make dollars it literally doesn’t make sense to her, that’s why she represents Thee Mogul!



Victoria Munir


Victoria Munir is a manager at a well known airline, a singer, a songwriter, a worshipper and is known for her ability to unite and strengthen people of all walks of life. VIctoria's passion is deep rooted in serving and encouraging which is why we call her Thee Motivator!